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“Är djupt imponerad! … Är bara helt tagen av dina kloka resonemang. Och gillar högt ditt bruk av vardagsexempel. Grundgreppet med följare är lysande.” Lasse Berg - Författare, journalist och dokumentärfilmare. ”Läsningen av din bok var en omtumlande upplevelse. … Jag sögs in i den direkt när jag började. Du har hittat så rätt i din kritik av ledarskap och miljardindustrin kring den. … Extra kul är det att se att så som vi jobbar i BL är det helt i linje med hur jag uppfattat budskapet i din bok.” Björn Lunén - BL Information Din bok ”Beyond the Leadership Myth” har givit mig en rejäl energiinjektion. Bo Rex - Cordial Business Advicers If you thought you knew what a leader was, think again! This book challenges the traditional view of leaders, including exploring the origins of man and how we once lived and collaborated. It emphasizes the importance of a good follower, but also what a follower actually means (probably not what you think). Read it, you are sure to learn something new, whether you are in a leadership position or not! Amazon review “This is a well-written and researched book which explores the concept and traditional view of leadership from a fresh angle. The arguments are presented clearly and effectively, using a wide spectrum of knowledge and research from various sources, as well as the author’s own experience. I particularly enjoyed part 2, which focused on how Man lived and cooperated before the birth of modern society. This is a very useful and easily readable book (i.e. without complex terminology and mumbo-jumbo) that everyone will find accessible, as well as valuable in not only today’s workplace but in life outside it as well.” Goodreads review  “There are many books that focus on how to lead others, but there is scarce literature which looks into the psychology of followers! If you would like to learn the difference between true followership and merely being in a subordinate position reporting to someone in a position of authority, then this book is the perfect read! Millions are invested into the leadership business and the author encourages us to question the status quo. His theories are backed up by sociological research and real life examples. Christian Monö is onto something big that could change how people define collaboration in future!” Amazon review

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